My Dog's House by Poochy Coo

Day Care

Cape Town, South Africa

Please note that no dogs will be allowed onto the premises with any outstanding payments for services

We all know that feeling of guilt when your pup gives you that heart-breaking glance when you head for the door to go to work. Dogs experience separation anxiety and stress and get bored when alone, and this leads to bad behaviour. We all hate to leave our best friends by themselves, but unfortunately, we can’t possibly give our four-legged friends the round-the-clock attention they so deserve. Doggy day care is an increasingly popular choice for busy parents who want to provide their pup with the attention, exercise, and socialization they need which results in a happier, less anxious, and healthier dog for you to come home to.

Constant Love & Attention

Constant Stimulation

Games and puzzles

Free pick-up and drop off within 5km radius

Free park walks twice daily

Day Care Fees

Opening Special

Package 1 Dog Per Extra Dog
1 Day Pass R200 R80
5 Day Pass valid for 1 month R900 R350
Daily rate R180 R70
10 Day Pass valid for 1 month R1650 R600
Daily rate R165 R60
20 Day Pass valid for 1 month R3000 R1000
Daily rate R150 R50
Unlimited 6 months R2500 R1500
Unlimited 12 Months R2500 R1000

60 minute adventure walk in the mountains or forest with the Ultimate Dogwalker

Ultimate Dogwalker R80 + R50 per extra dog when in Day Care