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Dog Walking

Dogs need to run and be social,
just like their wolf-ancestors!


Dog Sitting

Holiday time again
but a strict no pets policy
at your favourite resort?


Day Care

Daycare & Doggy Hotel



And while your dog is at day care, treat him to his own special Spa day!
For Day Care clients only

Five Star Day Care and Boarding Facilities
Dog Walking, Pet Sitting,
Dog Grooming and Dog Training Professionals

Cape Town, South Africa

My Dog's House by Poochy Coo

Working all day and your dog stays at home? Going away on a business trip or that well-deserved holiday and your dog can’t go with you?
We realize that your dogs are a beloved part of your family and we strive to provide your pups with the same kind of love and attention that you would.

The harsh reality is that most dog parents just cannot squeeze enough time into the daily grind and busy schedules to provide that attention and exercise.

Dogs, like humans, are social creatures and crave interaction and stimulation.
Dog Day Care and Boarding Homes are becoming ever more popular when you have no option but to leave your dog at home when working away. No more long, boring days at home staring anxiously at the gate for your return home… resulting in destructive behavior, or simply a very sad dog.

We provide a collect and drop-off service within 5 km of My Dog’s house in Green Point, two park walks, and other fun and games to keep them stimulated throughout the day so that they return to you at night a happy and tired dog.
And if your dog is nervous around other dogs and you want to save him the stress while you are on holiday, qualified pet sitters will take care of your dogs in their familiar surroundings at home.

We also provide 45 – 60minute off-leash adventure mountain, forest or beach walks in Cape Town and its surrounds. A dog walker can provide your dog with the exercise and mental stimulation that they desperately need and deserve.

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How it all started

Craig Mitchell, Owner and Founder of Poochy Coo, started his business unknowingly by taking his friends and family’s dogs on exciting trails and hikes with him.
Craig quickly became well know on various trails and greenbelts being called ‘The Ultimate Dog Walker” -That is how Poochy Coo was born.Β  He then started to grow a large Instagram following with his action-caught dog photography. (See here)

Craig’s love for adventure and the outdoors allows him to keep up with his four-legged clients on their adventures; swimming in dams and rolling down grass hills, he makes the dogs feel like he is part of the pack!

The poochy-mobile allows pick-ups and drop offs all around Cape Town, with fans and aircon streaming in the van, making the journey even more pleasant. Winter or Summer, your dog will be walked!

Dog Walking

What their owners are saying

Craig has been the light of Harry and Jacks life since they were puppies. He has taken them running in the mountains and truly exercised them when I was unable. Both my boys sit and wait expectantly every Thursday and hear Craig's car long before he arrives to be greeted with complete joy! I thank Craig for stepping in when I was too weak to walk and continuing to be the hero in my boys lives!

Alison HughesOwner of Jack and Harry

Craig has been seeing Phoenix now for over 5yrs (I joke that he’s her boyfriend). Every time she senses Craig is about to come through the door she becomes uncontrollably excited. He’s also house sat with her many times. Can honestly say Craig is the best friend a dog can have and will always be there to take them on an adventure come rain or shine.

Guy DviriOwner of Phoenix


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